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"In his ambitious first novel, Brooke Stevens creates a tale as illogical yet weirdly irresistible as a dream. It's a questing allegory worthy of any medieval knight. But it's also an unsparing examination of the kind of helplessness and emotional breakdown that can follow an overwhelming loss...Stevens has created a work of page-turning intensity and strangeness that's nearly impossible to put down."
--Lisa Jensen, The S.F. Chronicle

"A sweeping allegory of lost love and the quest for self-discovery and inner fulfillment, this debut novel by Brooke Stevens is nothing short of astounding. Arcane, enigmatic, disturbing yet wondrous, the tale plucks the fine line between reality and illusion like a string on a banjo."
--Roy Richard, The Boston Herald

"Tattoo Girl is as much about being sad as it is about being terrified, and there Stevens has worked a charm that will keep you in your seat and reading, even when you'd rather not, even when you wish for something to break the spell."
--Washington Post Book World

"...a page turner that provides outlandish insights into male and female sexual pathology while luring one into a fantastic universe."
--Boston Phoenix

"...a dark, disturbing, fascinating fairy tale."
--Madison Smartt Bell

"...Stevens darkly enchanting novel will keep readers in fearful suspense until its very end... both hard-bitten realism and the magnificent wonder of a fairy tale."
--Dallas Morning News, May 27, 2001

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"...Stevens deepens what could have been a formulaic story with sharp insights into marital intimacy and independence, while a heart-pounding conclusion raises questions about how love happens and the incomplete versions of the truth."

"Kissing Your Ex is a phenomenal novel . . . Stevens has written a close to the bone story that I think anyone who has ever had a great love will relate to . . . Go and buy Kissing Your Ex, an extraordinary novel of love. It has my highest of recommendations."
--Romance Reviews Today (A Perfect Ten)

"...another insightful and clever novel to be added to Brooke Stevens already impressive literary resume. As well, it is an imaginative piece that lulls the reader quietly and then grips hold with a compelling force that doesn't lessen until the complete story is told."--A Romance Review

French Edition 2007
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Aufbau Verlag
Harcourt Brace, NY
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Foreign Editions and Translations
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St. Martins Press, NY
Kissing Your Ex
Penguin Publishers, NY
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"With a soft, exquisite writing style, Stevens pens a compelling story that brings Maddy and Jack to life. He chronicles their past shared dreams, realistically capturing the emotional highs and lows in flashbacks, as they shatter one by one. A thoughtful and thought-provoking novel that's an absolute gem." -Donna Carter, Romantic Times Gold Star (Phenomenal).

"A mesmerizing tale of the many ways to get it wrong on the way to getting it right, Kissing Your Ex makes you remember the perfection of your first love and regret everything you've ever done to tarnish that memory."--Rachel Cline, Author of What to Keep

"Kissing Your Ex unfolds with the quiet intimacy and unaffected candor of a late-night conversation over a couple of bottles of wine. Brooke Stevens's tender, scrupulous history of one love's flights, devastations, and renewals is a touching meditation on the risks and realities of dreams, on what is lost to time and damage and human fallibility, and what endures."--Tim Farrington, Author of The Monk Downstairs