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--a dark, disturbing, fascinating fairy tale."
--Madison Smartt Bell

"...Stevens darkly enchanting novel will keep readers in fearful suspense until its very end... both hard-bitten realism and the magnificent wonder of a fairy tale."
--Dallas Morning News, May 27, 2001

"This dark, disturbing thriller about a traumatized girl found tattooed all over with fish scales is a guaranteed page-turner."
--HEAT Magazine, London, January 19, 2002

"...exciting, involving and quite unmistakably original."
--Literary Review, London, January 2002

" unusual and imaginative novel... It's a strange and disturbing book, vividly descriptive and occasionally touching."
--Sunday Telegraph, London, January 19, 2002

"Nightmarishly surreal and tenderly human at the same time."
--Francesca Lia Block

"Brooke Stevens is one of those authors who knows all about your nightmares. He taps effortlessly into the murky corners of your brain where you keep the things that spook you."
--The Hartford Courant, March 4, 2001

"In direct prose, both unflinching and lyrical, Stevens explores many of the themes that made his first book so compelling: the ideas of human cruelty, salvation, and insanity's grip on the collective unconscious are set against a circus backdrop-and the result is a twisted coming-of-age story filled with the surreal horror of David Lynch."
--Booklist, March 15, 2001

"...another violent, atmospheric, and suspenseful tale from Stevens. This time, though, Stevens has eschewed the surrealism that figured so prominently before to create a more cohesive, tightly drawn story... [An] intelligent, poignant, and vividly imagined page-turner."
--Kirkus Reviews, February 1, 2001

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